DEPA present full list for EU elections

On 3 April, ALDE Party member Dimokratiki Parataxi (DEPA) in Cyprus published its full list of candidates for the European elections. 

Themis AnthopoulouMarios CharalambidesMarios EleftheriouMarinos KleanthousPantelis Poetis and Alekos Tryfonidis have been nominated to represent DEPA in the elections, subject to approval from the party Council.

“We claim our representation in the European Parliament and want to highlight the principles and values of our party for European society. Cyprus’ future is intertwined with the EU and our country's presence there must be strong and powerful. I am confident that this team will convey to society important messages around solving problems, with a responsible and consistent rhetoric,” said DEPA leader Marios Garoyian.

The diverse list combines dynamic personalities with political experience, knowledge and expertise and a significant presence and contribution to the Cypriot community which reflect DEPA’s democratic values and ideals.

In particular, it includes the party’s Vice-President and founding co-member Kleanthous as well as current Member of Parliament for Nicosia and DEPA Parliamentary leader Trifonidis.

“DEPA and ALDE Party are working for a Europe based on freedom, justice and equality. We envision a Europe where there is solidarity between countries and where European citizens live in security and prosperity. Our proposal to Cypriot society brings together all the features that will drive our creative and productive participation in the European Parliament," said a party statement.

The European elections in Cyprus are scheduled to be held on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect six MEPs.

Photo: DEPA

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