Hungarian liberals publish full EU election list

On 12 November, ALDE Party member Momentum Mozgalom in Hungary presented their full list of candidates for the European elections in 2024.

The two current representatives of Momentum in the European Parliament, Anna Donáth MEP and Vice-President of Renew Europe Katalin Cseh MEP, have already been chosen as the top two candidates for the election in June next year.

As voted by a party delegate assembly, other high-level candidates will be Deli Tamás Győző, a former chair of the party in Keszthely and Zala counties; Viktória Vajda, member of the local Momentum government in Göd, Hungary; and ALDE Party Vice-President Dániel Berg.

At a delegate meeting, Momentum chair Ferenc Gelencsér emphasised how the work of the party's two current MEPs highlighted the importance of the role to prevent the destruction of Hungary.

"Just as in 2019, we are running in the European elections with an independent list. Because this is what the voters, our voters, want in 2024 as well,” Gelencsér said at a press conference.

Other Momentum candidates in the party’s top ten include Benedek Farkas, Erik Bedó, Noble Balázs, Máté Urfi and Levente Takács.

The European elections are scheduled to be held in all European Union member states between 6-9 June 2024.

Photo: Momentum Mozgalom

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