Irish liberals gather ahead of June elections

On 12-13 April, ALDE Party member Fianna Fáil in Ireland held its 82nd Ard Fheis in Dublin ahead of upcoming local and European elections in the country on 7 June. 

Fianna Fáil head into the European elections having elected Barry Andrews MEPBarry Cowen TD and Billy Kelleher MEP as lead candidates for the Dublin, Midlands-North-West and Ireland South constituencies respectively. 

Party leader Micheál Martin TD, Ireland’s Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs, delivered a keynote speech reminding members of the party’s close bond with the European Union. 

“Ireland must stand with the European Union. We must stand for a reformed and more effective Union. That’s why June’s European elections are so important. For too long, Ireland’s voice in the European Parliament has been weakened by MEPs who endlessly attack Europe and deliver nothing," said Martin.
“To enable our country to navigate these challenging times, we have to start by electing new, positive voices to the European Parliament. MEPs who will represent Ireland’s interests and values through building alliances. We need more MEPs like Billy Kelleher and Barry Andrews.” 

Andrews, one of the party’s current representatives in the European Parliament, laid out the foundations for Fianna Fáil’s election campaign ahead of voting day. 

“Our campaign will remind Irish voters that throwing away seats to extremists, to people who make the same arguments as the Kremlin, is dangerous. It will be our campaign to show that Fianna Fáil is the party that has consistently driven a positive European agenda,” said Andrews. 
“It will be our campaign to convince and persuade that Fianna Fáil has the candidates that truly reflect Ireland’s ambitions for a prosperous, secure and democratic EU, and that throwing away seats to the far Left is profoundly not in our national interest. 
“If elected, our MEP candidates will increase Irish influence in the Parliament, not damage our reputation in the eyes of the world.” 

The European elections in Ireland are scheduled to be held on 7 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect 14 MEPs. 

Photo: Fianna Fail

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