Liberalerna launch European campaign at Congress

On 9 March, ALDE Party member Liberalerna in Sweden held a party Congress to launch its campaign for the European elections in June.

The event took place days after Sweden formally joined NATO as its 32nd member following approval from all members.

Party leader Johan Pehrson highlighted the role that liberals played in the process, explaining how Liberalerna started taking a stand for the country’s NATO membership back in 1999.

“It is now 25 years since we were the first party in the Swedish Parliament to take a stand in favour of Swedish membership of NATO. Now we are finally in: thanks to the liberals who once again have gone far ahead. Take that pride, joy and energy with you into June, when Europe goes to the polls. We won the fight for the EU! We won the battle for NATO! Now we will win the fight for the euro! said Pehrson.

The party already announced in November that their electoral list will be led by Karin Karlsbro MEP, followed by Anna Maria Corazza Bildt and Simona Mohamsson.

As part of their campaign priorities, Liberalerna want to classify social media as a harmful product at EU level and regulate childrens’ screen time.

The European elections in Sweden will take place on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect 21 MEPs.

Photo: Liberalerna

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