Portuguese liberals pick European lead candidate

ALDE Party member Iniciativa Liberal in Portugal selected João Cotrim de Figueiredo MP as its lead candidate for the European elections in June. 

Cotrim de Figueiredo became the party’s first-ever Member of Parliament when he was elected in July 2019, subsequently taking up the party’s leadership until January 2023. 

He retained his seat at the last parliamentary elections in January 2022 as the party achieved its best-ever result with 5% of the popular vote. 

It meant IL increased its representation in the Assembly of the Republic from one seat to eight, forming a parliamentary group. 

Cotrim de Figueiredo was also selected as one of the party's candidates for the Portuguese snap national elections to be held on 10 March. 

He will lead the party’s list in the “Europe” district, a special electoral constituency for Portuguese citizens living within the European continent. 

Various Members of Parliament were selected to lead the party’s lists in other local districts, including party leader Rui Rocha MP (Braga), Bernardo Blanco MP (Lisbon), Carlos Guimarães Pinto MP and Patrícia Gilvaz MP (Porto). 

Photo: Iniciativa Liberal

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