Reformierakond reveal EU list at campaign launch

On 7 April, ALDE Party member Eesti Reformierakond in Estonia launched its electoral campaign for the European elections in June under the slogan “Secure Estonia in Europe.”

At a party Conference in Tallinn, members approved the party’s list of candidates, led by Urmas Paet MEP, and adopted the electoral manifesto.

Paet, Estonia’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Culture, is followed by Yoko Alender MP and Luukas Kristjan Ilves, while Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur also features in the list of nine.

Estonian Prime Minister and Reformierakond party leader Kaja Kallas told members in a keynote speech that the current situation in Europe has once again brought into question if the EU is capable of defending itself.

"A big emphasis in our programme is, of course, security. It is an existential issue for us, without security the other issues become theoretical discussions. Each and every one of our representatives must shoulder the responsibility not only for the ‘Estonian cause’ but for the future of Europe as a whole," said Kallas.
“Europe will never be ready. Each generation will shape Europe as it sees fit. And I am glad to say that we have reached a time when our voice at the European table carries the same weight as that of France or Germany. Europe is 'us', not 'them'.”

Alender led the drafting process of Reformierakond’s manifesto, entitled “Our Europe. Our security. Our freedom. Our opportunity”, which targets a common approach on European defence industry and spending as a priority.

"Europe's contribution to defence must grow. We call for the creation of the post of a European Commissioner for Defence and propose to strengthen the EU defence industry with €100 billion worth of Eurobonds," said Alender.
"Russian assets confiscated by the European Union must be used for the benefit of Ukraine. All genocide and war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine must also be brought to international justice.”

Other key topics in Reformierakond’s manifesto are European competitiveness, foreign policy, sustainable and nature-friendly economic development, and education.

"The Reform Party will go to the European elections with a meaningful and forward-looking programme and the best team in Estonia, whose heart is to strengthen Estonia's security and build a united Europe," assured Timo Suslov, the party’s Secretary General.

Click here to read Reformierakond’s manifesto and consult the full list of candidates.

The European elections in Estonia are scheduled to be held on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect nine MEPs.

Photo: Eesti Reformierakond

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