Run for the European Elections

It’s Europe day and it’s time to run for the European elections!  

Our lead candidates around the EU are running for the European elections in one month’s time – and now is your chance to join them (in the literal sense at least) 

Are you interested in joining us as we run/walk/cycle for Europe? Sign up now – the first 50 runners will get one of our Run for the European Elections t-shirts  

We will be using Strava for this challenge and our aim is to get from cities around the EU to Europe.  

Are you in Rome? Let’s together try to make it the 1477km to Brussels  

Are you in Stockholm? We have 1571km to run together to make it to Brussels 

Are you in Athens? We have a bit further to go – Let’s see if we can make it the 2768km to Brussels together.  

Wherever you are in the EU, let us know how far it is to Brussels and we will try to make it together!  

Run for the European elections – sign up here!  

What you have to do to sign up:  

  1. Download Strava–Link here for the App store and here for the Google Play store
  2. Join our club on Strava here: Strava Running Club
  3. Send us a private message on Strava with your address and we will send you your FREE tshirt! 
  4. Start running and post your activity on the Club

We can’t wait to run for the European parliament together with you as a running mate.  

Any questions? You can always reach out to us on  

Good luck!  

UDI joins Besoin d’Europe electoral alliance for EU elections