SFP publish EU manifesto and candidates

On 13 March, ALDE Party member Svenska Folkpartiet (SFP) in Finland presented its electoral manifesto and list of candidates for the European elections in June.

Under the slogan “United”, SFP’s Manifesto describes the party’s strong faith in the future to continue a long tradition of active and influential representation in Brussels.

SFP leader and Finland’s Minister of Education Anna-Maja Henriksson stressed the importance of reinforcing the EU’s role on the global stage and pinpointed security as one of the biggest issues in the coming years.

“Many of the challenges we face together require common solutions: it is clear that we need to work together for a free, stable, secure and united Europe. We need an EU that will continue to support Ukraine as long as it is needed and hold Putin accountable to Russia,” she said.

“Security is also about creating confidence and prosperity for the future: fostering competitiveness and growth, ensuring a sustainable green transition, strengthening our education and skills and creating societies where people can have a say and realise their dreams.”

Among other priorities, SFP wants to promote Finland as a proactive and constructive actor within the EU, stronger action against human rights and rule of law abuses, and intensify efforts on gender equality.

Henriksson will be one of SFP’s candidates for the election alongside Eva Biaudet, Johanna BorgSamuel Broman, Magnus Hertzberg, Niclas Sjöskog, Julia StåhleWilhelm Von Nandelstadh, and Nicke Wulff.

The European elections in Finland are scheduled to take place on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect 15 MEPs.

Photo: SFP

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