UDI joins Besoin d’Europe electoral alliance for EU elections

On 23 March, UDI confirmed they will join fellow ALDE Party member Parti Radical in the French Besoin d’Europe joint electoral alliance for the European elections in June. 

During a party Congress in Paris, members agreed to join the list led by Valérie Hayer, one of the three lead candidates of the Renew Europe Now platform launched in Brussels last week. 

UDI unveiled its “European project”, a document outlining 27 measures to make Europe more sustainable and safe for all, while investing in the next generation of Europeans and safeguarding the cultural differences that enrich our regions. 

ALDE Party Co-President Timmy Dooley addressed the party Congress, praising the 27-point plan as a key milestone of the party’s political work. 

“In this document, I see reflected UDI’s core identity supporting local and regional development. You adopted 27 measures for 27 member states, a sign of your party’s deep roots in the European project. In 2024, your voice will finally be back on the corridors of the European Parliament,” said Co-President Dooley. 
“The 27 measures that make up this project have a single ambition: to relaunch Europe and face the challenges of the century on an equal footing. This is the project that the UDI will defend at the European elections next June, united with all those who share this ambitious vision of Europe,” said UDI leader Hervé Marseille

The European elections in France are scheduled to take place on 9 June, as citizens will head to the polls to elect 81 MEPs. 

Photo: UDI

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