Sophie Wilmès 

Short bio

Born on January 15, 1975
From Brussels, Belgium
Studied applied communication at IHECS and financial management at Saint-Louis University

Fun fact

Sophie Wilmès: "When I was a teenager, I said to myself: politics, never!"

Her favorite book is "Sophie's Choice": "I'll say it right away, it has nothing to do with the fact that I have the same first name. I read this book because it's a reference, so I wanted to read it. I read this book on a trip to Latin America. I was 18. I left alone for two months with my backpack."


"I didn't wait for this moment to know that I've always had an interest in Europe. Not only as Prime Minister, but also because I was Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Affairs. We can also see from the farmers' complicated situation that European issues are fundamental for each and every one of us"

The road so far..

Lead Candidate for the European Parliament


Member of Belgian Parliament  


Deputy mayor of Rhode-Saint-Genèse  


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Affairs and Foreign Trade, and Federal Cultural Institutions


First female Prime Minister of Belgium


Minister of the Budget and Civil Service, in charge of the National Lottery and Science Policy


Member of the Chamber of Representatives


Provincial councillor for the province of Flemish Brabant


Chair of Reformist Movement party (MR) in the municipalities surrounding Brussels


President of the local Mouvement réformateur (MR) in Sint-Genesius-Rode


First Alderman in charge of Finance, Budget, Francophone Education, Communication and Local Businesses for the town of Sint-Genesius-Rode


Municipal councillor in Uccle

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