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Liberals celebrate Pride every day of the year by fighting for your rights!

European liberals are continuously striving for a more open and tolerant society where diversity is cherished, and we are all free to live and love without discrimination or violence because of our sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, or any other aspect of our identity. 

That is why we have been advocating to promote LGBTQIA+ rights across Europe with our members, on both national and European levels – not just during Pride, but every single day of the year. 

ALDE Party has campaigned extensively against so-called LGBT-free zones, conversion therapy practices targeting youth, barriers to blood donations from gay and bisexual donors, and any other increased conservative trends that undermine the principles of equality. 

Among others, our 2024 Manifesto for the European elections includes proposals to:  

✅ Legalise and recognise same-sex marriage and rainbow families all over Europe 

✅ Secure equal and safe access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (e.g. abortion) 

✅ Increase diversity in all spheres of influence, such as LGBTQIA+ representation in politics 

✅ Ensure sufficient access to parental leave across European countries 

✅ Expand the EU Crimes list to include hate speech and hate crime 

In recent years, ALDE Party has also adopted several topical resolutions which prove our commitment to the fundamental rights and freedoms of sexual minorities: 

On the guarantee of equal rights for LGBTIQ+ community across Europe 

On condemning FIFA for reversing commitments to LGBTQI+ inclusion 

Building an Effective, More Inclusive Europewide Hate Speech Framework 

Stop hurting transgender people in the EU 

On the recent anti-LGBTIQ+ law in Uganda 

Liberals were instrumental for the recognition of same-sex marriage in countries around Europe, as happened in 2023 in Estonia, where Prime Minister Kaja Kallas successfully passed a bill allowing any two consenting adults in the country to marry, irrespective of sex. 

In 2021, under the initiative of Renew Europe, the European Parliament voted to declare the European Union a 'LGBTIQ Freedom Zone', while liberals also united against a homophobic law that limit the freedoms of LGBTIQ+ individuals and education in Hungary. 

Through the work of the Rainbow Platform, a pan-European initiative to increase LGBTQIA+ representation in European politics, liberal leaders from across Europe continue to speak up on the issue and pledged to better it by signing the Dublin Diversity Declaration. 

Join us and we will update you on our fight for your rights and your freedoms

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