FDP confirms full list for European elections

On 28 January, ALDE Party member FDP in Germany confirmed its full list of candidates and adopted its electoral manifesto ahead of the European elections. 

Various liberal leaders, including ALDE Party Co-President Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP and Vice-President Kira Rudik MP, attended the party Congress in Berlin. 

Members confirmed Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann MP, chair of the Defence Committee in the German Bundestag, as the party’s lead candidate for the elections on 9 June. 

ALDE Party Vice-President Svenja Hahn MEP features second on the list, followed by Andreas Glück MEPMoritz Körner MEP and European Parliament Vice-President Jan-Christoph Oetjen MEP

“The problems are on our doorstep, the challenges are on Europe’s doorstep. And that's why we have our own role to play - as a strong Germany in Europe, as a strong European Union. It’s good for us Free Democrats to become aware of the importance of Europe again and again. There is a European dream; let’s fight for it," said Strack-Zimmermann in a keynote speech. 

In his intervention, FDP party leader and Germany’s Minister of Finance Christian Lindner emphasised the magnitude of the European elections and branded Strack-Zimmermann as a “Eurofighter”. 

“There's so much at stake on 9 June. The European elections are not a second-order election where you go if you just want to give a government or some parties a lesson. The European elections are really about our common future. Our lead candidate is really a distinguished personality. We need such a personality in Brussels and Strasbourg to represent German interests. Ursula von der Leyen has fled to the Commission as Defence Minister; now we're sending Marie-Agnes after her," said Lindner.

As part of its electoral priorities, FDP will campaign to formulate common European policy on shared issues such as defence and security, economic competitiveness and migration. 

Moreover, FDP aims to provide more EU support for Ukraine and strengthen the EU’s competitiveness, as well as trade relationship with the United States. 

ALDE Party hosted an international reception on the sidelines of the FDP Congress.

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